Welcome From Jeff Gere


Once Upon a Time in the Middle of the Sea,

a Story Man had a vision:

a Story Camp for story nuts to come together;

share, tell tales, & teach each other. He put out a call.

 Now It’s happening… again! In a new form.




 CAMP 2013.  

  Obviously, the City’s abrupt cancellation of the use of Kualoa in late April caused us to scrambled to get a site for Camp. There is still no clear explanation. I remain committed to this wonderful event… AND THE STORYTELLERS ARE COMING! We found Camp Paumalu, but on July 4 after a sleepless night, due to low enrollement or expressed interest (buzz) and the cost to rent ($1,000) and insure ($1,000) the Camp at Paumalu, I decided to cancel our reservation. Apparently, the momentum and enthusiasm of last year did not transfer to this new site. Instead, I created a new NON-CAMP schedule/venues. If you are a person who still wants to participate in workshops, write me (by invitation) at jeffgere@lava.net.

And there are plenty of public concerts. Please do attend one (see Schedule at a Glance and the more detailed sections on this website)  

What a talented bouquet of international talents they ARE! We’ll hold the Camp, it will be AWESOME, beautiful, FUN, meaningful, & significant. Please come… who can pass THIS up?

 I’ve updated this website with the Paumalu schedules & related events.




BACKGROUND: As you may know, I’ve produced & hosted the Talk Story Festival, Hawaii’s largest & oldest storytelling celebration (+ Neighbor Island tours) with the Parks Department each October since 1989. To  do this well, the non-profit (501 C3) Alliance for Culture & Arts (ACA) was created to seek & handle money.  In 2009, ACA & I produced the ‘TALK STORY’ Storytelling Conference in Waikiki.  It was a ‘Year of the Regions” event for the National Storytelling Network (NSN, America’s storytelling org).  Our local tellers shared tales, culture, history, hula & ritual. Many storytellers from American (mainland) contributed & tellers from Thailand, Japan, Australia, & Canada.  It was a wonderful story party to conceive & see to fruition, well executed by a busy dozen locals, an unparalleled showcase for local tellers, an amazing line-up of America’s Storytelling Stars, with great workshops & new friends.  And after Waikiki, 20 of us went to Maui for another 4-5 days.

I swore I’d never to do it again.

But in 2011 I pulled the locals and the nationals together with this new ‘vision’: Talk Story Camp. I was thinking of it when Lyn Ford (Ohio) called. Her husband longed for Hawaii, so she gave him a plane ticket for Christmas – they were coming. AH! That’s it! Camp is ON!

TALK STORY CAMP changed what I DID NOT LIKE about the Waikiki Conference- expensive hotel, bad food, grumpy cook, time tightly scheduled,  very few locals & NO FAMILIES. I DID LIKE afternoon swims, casual talks, the new & old friendships. My Parks Department did a Hula Camp at Kualoa a decade ago- very intense, but with time to swim & talk, all ages, local families, and late night ghost stories on the beach with lapping waves & the stars.

Sounds good, right? So we did it. About 50 folks came.


                                                    Again I said, “ENOUGH!” 

But after a months to simmer and stew, and with the overwhelming urging of so many of the folks who came to Camp 2011, who promised to help, and by incorporating their ideas, wwwweeeellllll…. we tried it again in 2012. Less workshops, more down time, less ‘mainland’ pitching. ‘If folks come, they’ll be really really glad.’ About double the amount did come (more kids!)

Lyn Ford, Gene Tagaban, and Linda Yemoto returned again. WOW! My wife Dominique had a better time. We did less work.



And so we decided to try it again in 2013. Come or be sorry! Caroline Bond Davis, our kitchen Queen, and President of ACA, has agreed to ‘do kitchen’ again. ALRIGHT! I sent out a note and the amazing artists you find listed on the title page of this website all volunteered to come! There is no way I can pay or repay them for their talents and spirit of giving to this event.  I am so humbled and grateful to them, and am working hard to gather a crowd who truly wants to come and to make sure all the details are in place for a wonderful experience.Imu JG Dazed

With ACA’s OK & my wife Dominique’s blessing, here is the TALK STORY CAMP 2013, intending to relax, rejuvenate, & invigorate (storyteller or not), to mix culturally; but since Kualoa got yanked out from under us and nobody seemed interested in a North Shore story weekend at Paumalu, the new TALK STORY NON-CAMP offers lotsa SHOWS for the public and WORKSHOPS for and between the storytellers (and whoever expresses interest)…  the workshops will be what we like for ourselves (not with the ‘public’ in mind anymore.) I’m excited by the new TALK STORY NON-CAMP


This NON-CAMP exists to share life & stories ,

locals & guests- living, telling, & sharing together!

I invite you to join this Story Circle. Come to a Show.

For Workshop details write Jeff at jeffgere@lava.net

You’ll be very glad you did.



Jeff Gere

(808) 737-1774

PS   Please send a note of the TALK STORY NO-CAMP around to other story folks who’d like to come. Help me invite others, bring friends.  You won’t find a more diverse, talented, friendly, and oddly wise group of story people anywhere in Hawaii…. and it’s so beautiful.  Yep!


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